Typography is everywhere in the world, from the packaging of the milk we drink every morning, to the most complex event posters that we see every day. The world of fonts and typefaces is becoming dominant also for giving a certain character to a brand or a product. Not so long ago, watching the tv show Narcos, I have been inspired by the font used in the main titles of the serie (Akzidenz Grotesk) and I tried to replicate it myself, giving an innovative touch, giving birth to Gaviria Sans, a Sans Serif Typeface. 

Gaviria is the result of merging some of the most famous condensed fonts, such as Rama Gothic and Morganite, and is characterized by the absence of serifs, and by being a monospaced typeface, that reaches its own identity by the accurate use of angular corners and sweet curves. This peculiarity makes this font perfect for making titles but also for texts.

The font is composed by 355 glyphs, and for some letters there are multiple options, so it’s possible to change the text style while typing it. The versability of the font allowed me to make also some artistic and typographic posters, using a minimal approach and ispired by popular culture.