The world of albums and singles artworks has expanded in recent years, and some graphic designers and illustrators have specialized in this field, and made it a profession. The artwork of an album or a single is something that recalls the contents of the music itself, sometimes a detail or a feature that becomes so prominent to describe the entire piece.

Being a lover of music myself, and more in detail of indie music, I decided to create some artworks dedicated to some of the pieces that most attracted me in recent years, like “Anima Lattina” by Coma_Cose or “Camel Blue” by Carl Brave.

All the works idealize an image described in the text of the song itself, making it the center of the cover. For “Anima Lattina” in particular, I used the name of the group to create a detailed lettering that is strictly linked to the Coca-Cola logotype, reporting it on a can, linking it to the title of the song. The cover of the single in question was also sponsored by Grafici Creativi, one of the most important graphic designer communities in Italy.

Following the key idea used for the first cover, I also created other covers, with absolute minimalism and clean and sharp details.